When will you start working on my order?

Typically, I'll be able to get your order completed within one week! If you're ever curious about the status of your order, please feel free to reach out to me at fureverbooked@gmail.com and I will provide the status of your order!


When will my order arrive?

I wish I could be more precise, but the answer is: it depends! Once your package is in the hands of the good ole' USPS, we are both at their mercy. Arrival times also depend on what you've ordered. Stickers and bookmarks will be sent in an envelope with a Forever Stamp. Unfortunately, tracking is not available for items sent with a USPS Forever Stamp. These items will typically arrive in 2-3 business days once shipped. 

Larger items will be shipped in large envelopes or small boxes and may include tracking information. 

Arrival times will also be determined by the shipping method selected at checkout.


I accidentally provided the wrong shipping address when I placed my order! What can I do?

Please reach out to me within 24 hours of purchase at fureverbooked@gmail.com and I will do my best to get the address changed before your order is shipped out. While I am happy to update the address if possible, I am not responsible for items that do not arrive due to an incorrect shipping address provided at the time of purchase.

If your items are returned due to an incorrect address, I am more than happy to resend your order to the correct address but you are responsible for shipping costs.


My package never arrived! What can I do?

Once your item is in the hands of USPS, unfortunately there isn't anything I can do to help locate a lost package. If your tracking says that the package has arrived when it actually has not, please allow a few days for the item to arrive as USPS's tracking can sometimes be inaccurate. 

If your package has still not arrived, please contact your local USPS office and request that they do a lost item search. 

I am not responsible for lost or stolen items


What is your return policy?

Given the nature of my products, returns, exchanges, or refunds are not available at this time. However, I want you to be satisfied with your purchase so if you have an issue with your order, please reach out to me at fureverbooked@gmail.com and I will do my best to help you!


Do you offer international shipping?

At this time, I am only shipping to the USA and Canada. 


If you have any other questions, please reach out to me at fureverbooked@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you!